Workshop: Global Manifestos

During the Forum, we hosted the workshop Global Manifestos. It is a creative workshop that addresses the topic “Preservation in the Midst of Change” because it seeks to shore up individual agency and personal freedom through artistic expression despite the soul-crushing challenges of globalization in the art field. Economic globalization has marginalized more people than any previous economic system and allowed Multi-National Corporations unprecedented control over affairs of state in the art community. This fact has constrained individual choices and foisted upon previously independent cultures the vagaries of the market. Whether one is discussing farmers in Chiapas, street vendors in Tunisia, or Mom-and-Pop shops in the U.S., globalization has eroded previously stable economies and laid alternative models of culture and economy to waste. This interdisciplinary creative workshop has allowed the community of USF and the Bay Area, as well as international visitors from abroad, to speak out about the fragile domains that globalization has imperiled in the art community in particular.


The Global Manifestos Workshop presents an alternative to the model of economic globalization by providing a platform for multiple and diverse articulations on globalization. The voices of artists, curators, and critics who do not operate in the United States and Europe have been considered marginal but scholars and professionals need to rethink these norms. Thus, the focus has been to explore the developments of artists and institutions from the (former) periphery that diffuse their own innovations into global culture and, in so doing, transform the meaning of the visual arts, social dynamics and market processes of the art world. We believe that alternative geographies result from new cultural and economic patterns and these develop unprecedented networks of engagement and participation that this forum hopes to capitalize on.